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WH-C1000 POCT Instrument 200 Tests/H Automatic Sample Processing System

WH-C1000 POCT Instrument 200 Tests/H Automatic Sample Processing System

ISO 13485 POCT Instrument

WH-C1000 POCT Instrument

200 Tests/H Automatic Sample Processing System

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ISO 13485, CE

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Product Details
Product Name:
Automatic Sample Processing System
WWHS Biotech INC
High Sensitivity, High Accuracy
Suitable For Multi Color Imaging
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Minimum Order Quantity
US 3500 Set
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10 Days
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10 Sets per Week
Product Description

WH-C1000 Automatic Sample Processing System


WH-C1000 Is An Automatic Sample Processing System With Throughput Up To 200 Tests/Hour. WH-C1000 Can Achieve Better Efficiency And Reliability.


Protein Chip:

The Protein Chip And WH2000 Protein Chip Fluorescence Analyzer Form A System And Must Be Used Together. This Instrument Is Only Used With The Protein Chip Kit Produced By Wuwei Huasi Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Expected Usage:

WH2000 Protein Chip Fluorescence Analyzer Is Equipped With The Company's Special Kit For Protein Chip Method, Which Can Quantitatively Detect Human Serum, Plasma, Whole Blood Or Urine Central Tumor Markers (PSA, CEA, AFP, CA125, NSE, CYFRY211, CA199, CA153, Β-HCG, ER, HE4, Etc.), TORCH (Toxoplasma Gondii, Rubella Virus, Cytomegalovirus, Herpes Simplex Virus Type I And Type II) And Other Test Results Are Used For Clinical Auxiliary Diagnosis.


Technical Features
PGOLD™ Is An Innovative Signal Amplifying Platform Originated From Stanford University, And Its Research Was Published In Top Journals Such As Nature Communications And Nature Medicine. It Is A Signal Enhancing Near Infrared Fluorescence Detection Platform Enabled By Nanoengineering. The High Sensitivity Of The PGOLD™ Technology Has Already Been Demonstrated In Novel Assays For Autoimmune Diseases And Infectious Diseases.

The Plasmonic Gold Structure Leads To A Significant Enhancement In Signal-To-Noise Ratio, Surpassing Other Substrates And Beads By Up To 100 Folds In Sensitivity And Dynamic Range. PGOLD™ Substrates And Beads Are Useful For Fluorescence And Raman Based Cellular Imaging And Molecular Assays. Our PGOLD™ Technology:

  • Suppressing Background Signals
  • Suitable For Multi-Color Imaging
  • Compatible With Standard Cellular Imaging, Microarrays, And Flow Cytometric Assays


WH-C1000 POCT Instrument 200 Tests/H Automatic Sample Processing System 0

WH-C1000 POCT Instrument 200 Tests/H Automatic Sample Processing System 1

At present, in the POCT industry should be the most widely used category or immune detection. Methods such as chemiluminescence, enzyme-linked immunity, immunoturbidimetry and immunofluorescence chromatography are most widely used in POCT field. Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages: chemiluminescence has a high degree of automation, accuracy, and a large linear range; The disadvantage is that the instrument is usually large, costly, and requires regular maintenance, and the reagents need to be stored at low temperatures. Therefore, chemiluminescence is mainly used in the central laboratories of some grade hospitals, which is difficult to adapt to POCT application scenarios. The advantages of ELISA are low cost and mature technology, while the disadvantages are complicated preparation of reagents, complex operation, low temperature storage of reagents, long detection time, and large deviation of operation by different people. Therefore, IT is difficult to achieve POCT by ELISA. The advantages of turbidimetric method are instrument preparation, simple operation, cost, reaction time off; The disadvantage is that the detection sensitivity is low and the reagents also need to be stored at low temperature. Therefore, only some items of immunoturbidimetry are suitable for POCT. The advantages of immunofluorescence chromatography are portable instrument, simple operation, low cost, reagent storage at room temperature, short detection time; The disadvantage is that the sensitivity and precision of existing immunofluorescence chromatography products need to be improved. Despite these shortcomings, immunofluorescence chromatography is currently the most widely used methodology in the POCT field.
In fact, colloidal gold method is often used in POCT, but because colloidal gold method is difficult to achieve accurate quantitative, this method is mainly used in qualitative POCT products.


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