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NIR-1000 POCT Instrument

NIR-1000 POCT Instrument

NIR-1000 POCT Instrument
NIR-1000 POCT Instrument
NIR-1000 POCT Instrument
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: WWHS
Certification: CE
Model Number: WWHS NIR-1000
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 550-600
Packaging Details: Export Carton
Delivery Time: 10 Days
Supply Ability: 100 Sets per Day
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: NIR-1000 Dry Fluoroimmunoassay Analyser Work Temperature Range: 5-40℃
Instant Test: External Timer Required Manufacturer: WWHS Biotech INC
Data Storage: 10 000 Results Keywords: Fast, Flexible
Advantage: High Accuracy Application: Diagnosis Of POC
Precision: Less Than 3% Deviation Color: Beige
Sample Type: Whole Blood / Serum / Plasma Warranty: 36 Months
High Light:

NIR-1000 POCT Instrument


High Accuracy POCT Instrument


Dry Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer

NIR-1000 Dry Fluorescent Immunoassay Analyzer IVD Device


NIR-1000 Is A Fluorescence Immunochromatographic Analyzing System Which Can Work For Inflammation, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, Renal Injury And Cancers, Etc. The IR-FL™ Platform Provides Reliable And Quantitative Results Of Various Kinds Of Analytes In Human Blood 


Product Description

Technical Features


A New Generation Of Infrared Fluorescent Nanospheres -- Combination Of Bright Infrared Fluorescent Molecules And Nano Biotechnology.

The Quantum Yield Of The Fluorescent Molecule W Exceeds 30% With Emission Peak In Near-Infrared II Region (1000-1700nm).

Over 400nm Of Stokes Shift
Infrared Fluorescence Detection Reduces The Interference Of Self-Fluorescence In The Detection Samples And Increases Penetration Depth Of Signals


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Product Feature

The instrument is an intelligent instrument that is developed using modern photoelectric technology and used for quantitative analysis of fluoroimmunoassay reagent strips. The instrument represents advanced technologies of the same type and can test relevant parameters of human body conveniently, accurately and quickly when used cooperatively with fluoroimmunoassay reagent strips produced by our company.

Operation Procedure

After completion of test, printing and data transmission, take out test card and information card, cut off the power and reinstall the slot in the instrument for shutdown.


Scope of Application
The product is used cooperatively with special fluoroimmunoassay reagent strips and applicable to fluoroimmunoassay of human body samples. The product can be used for semiquantitative and quantitative immunoassay of medical, antiepidemic and scientific research institutions.


NIR-1000 POCT Instrument 0

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 WWHS Assay list           
cat#. Product item Specimen Reaction Time Measure Range Clinical Range Itended Use
1 cTnI WB/Serum/Plasma 12min. 0.1-40ng/ml <0.3ng/ml several heart diseases including myocardial infarction and heart failure.
2 Myo WB/Serum/Plasma 12min. 5-400ng/ml <58ng/ml acute myocardial infarction (AMI) in early stage.
3 CK-MB WB/Serum/Plasma 12min. 1-200ng/ml <5ng/ml acute myocardial infarction (AMI) in early stage.
4 NT-proBNP WB/Serum/Plasma 10min. 20-35000pg/ml Under 75:0~347pg/mL,
Over 75:0~449pg/mL
heart failure .
5 D-Dimer WB/Plasma 10min. 40-10000ng/ml <500ng/ml disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC),deep vein thrombosis (DVT),pulmonary embolism (PE), myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, etc.
6 cTnI+Myo+CKMB WB/Serum/Plasma 12min. same with single item same with single item Triple marker of myocardial infarction.
7 ST2 WB/Serum/Plasma 10min. 10-400ng/ml <35ng/ml heart failure .
8 Lp-PLA2 WB/Serum/Plasma 10min. 10-900ng/ml <175ng/ml Risk evaluation of ACS and atherosclerotic ischemic stroke patients.
9 S100-β WB/Serum/Plasma 10min. 0.05-10ng/ml <0.2ng/ml Cerebral infarction, cerebral injury.
10 CRP / hs-CRP WB/Serum/Plasma 3min. 0.5-200mg/L CRP<10mg/L,hs-CRP<1mg/L nonspecficity inflammatory marker.
11 SAA Serum 5min. 1-200mg/L <10mg/L inflammation&infection.
12 PCT WB/Serum/Plasma 10min. 0.2-100ng/ml <0.5ng/ml Sepsis
13 CRP+SAA WB/Serum/Plasma 5min. same with single item same with single item inflammation&infection.
14 IL-6 WB/Serum/Plasma 10min. 5-4000pg/ml 10pg/ml diabetes,rheumatoid arthritis,etc
 Thyroid Hormone          
15 TSH Serum/Plasma 15min. 0.3-100mU/L 0.35-5mU/L hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism
16 TT3 Serum/Plasma 15min. 0.5-10nmol/L 1.3-3.1nmol/L thyroid dysfunction
17 TT4 Serum/Plasma 15min. 5-300nmol/L 66-181nmol/L thyroid dysfunction
18 FT3 Serum/Plasma 15min. 1-100pmol/L 4-10pmol/L thyroid dysfunction
19 FT4 Serum/Plasma 15min. 5-300pmol/L 19-39pmol/L thyroid dysfunction
 Tumor Marker          
20 AFP Serum/Plasma 15min. 2.5-200ng/ml <20ng/ml pregnancy cancer
21 CEA Serum/Plasma 15min. 1-200ng/ml <5ng/ml colon cancer, colorectal cancer,etc.
22 NSE Serum/Plasma 15min. 1-400ng/ml <16ng/ml non-small cell lung cancer
23 FOB fecal specimens 10min. 50-1000ng/ml <100ng/ml Abnormal recessive gastrointestinal bleeding
24 PG II Serum/Plasma 15min. 1-100ug/L PGI/PGII>3.0 gastric abnormalities
25 PG I Serum/Plasma 15min. 2.5-200ug/L >70ng/ml gastric abnormalities
26 TPSA Serum/Plasma 15min. 0.5-40ng/ml <4ng/ml prostate cancer
27 FPSA Serum/Plasma 15min. 0.1-10ng/ml <1ng/ml prostate cancer
28 CA12-5 Serum/Plasma 15min. 20-500U/ml <35U/ml ovarian cancer
29 CA15-3 Serum/Plasma 15min. 10-400U/ml < 25 U/mL breast cancer
30 HE4 Serum/Plasma 15min. 50-2000pmol/L <140 pmol/L ovarian cancer
31 CA19-9 Serum/Plasma 15min. 10-400U/ml < 27 U/mL pancreatic cancer
32 β-HCG Serum/Plasma 15min. 5-400mIU/ml <10 mIU/mL Early pregrancy, ectopic HCG cancer,incomplete abortion
33 CK19(Cyfra21-1) Serum/Plasma 15min. 0.5-50ng/ml <2.5ng/ml non-small cell lung cancer
34 HCG / β-HCG Serum/Plasma 10min. 5-20000mIU/ml <5 mIU/mL early pregrancy.
35 AMH Serum/Plasma 10min. 0.1-16ng/ml Male: 20-60 years old, 0.92-13.89 ng/mL
Female: 20-29 years old, 0.88-10.35 ng/mL
30-39 years old, 0.31-7.86 ng/mL 40 -50 years old, <5. 07 ng/mL
ovarian reserve level
36 FOB fecal specimens 10min. qualitative qualitative gastrointestinal hemorrhage.
37 TRF fecal specimens 10min. qualitative qualitative gastrointestinal hemorrhage.
38 FOB+TRF fecal specimens 10min. qualitative qualitative gastrointestinal hemorrhage.
39 C.Pneumonia WB/Serum/Plasma 15min. qualitative qualitative CP infection
40 M.Pneumonia WB/Serum/Plasma 15min. qualitative qualitative MP infection
41 Covid-19 Antigen nasal swab, throat swab or nasal wash/aspirate specimens 15min. qualitative qualitative respiratory tract
42 Covid-19 Ab IgG/IgM WB/Serum/Plasma 15min. qualitative qualitative respiratory tract
43 FluA nasal swab, throat swab or nasal wash/aspirate specimens 15min. qualitative qualitative respiratory tract
44 FluB nasal swab, throat swab or nasal wash/aspirate specimens 15min. qualitative qualitative respiratory tract
 Renal Injury            
45 CysC WB/Serum/Plasma 5min. 0.4-9mg/L 0.5-1.1mg/L renal function
46 NGAL Urine 10min. 10-1500ng/mL <132ng/mL acute kidney injury.
47 FERR Serum 5min. 10-500ng/ml Male:24ng/mL~335ng/mL,
iron metabolism related diseases, such as hemochromatosis and iron deficiency anemia
48 HbA1c WB 10min. 4%-14% 4%-6% diabetes
49 VD Serum/Plasma 15min. 8-70ng/mL 19-57ng/mL fetation


NIR-1000 POCT Instrument 6NIR-1000 POCT Instrument 7NIR-1000 POCT Instrument 8NIR-1000 POCT Instrument 9




1. What is the MOQ?


Generally if you choose the different products, our minimum order qty. also will be different. One sample available.


2. What about the delivery time?


The goods need 7-21 work days to be made upon deposit.


3. Does your product have any warranty?


Yes, we offer 6 months limited warranty for our products.


Damage due to misuse, ill treatment and unauthorized modifications and repairs are not covered by our warranty.


4. What's your payment method?


We usually accept the payment methods include PayPal, TT, and Western Union.


50% deposit in advance and balance before shipping. Buyer can choose which payment ways that you accept.


PayPal is most useful and safe, please don’t refuse PayPal fee when you choose PayPal.


5. What's your shipping method?


We provide comprehensive shipping methods.


For small quantity orders we ship by DHL Air-Express, or EMS/TNT/UPS/FEDEX Express service, it is safe and fast.


For large quantity orders we ship by Air transportation or sea transportation, we can also ship order to buyer’s cargo agent in China



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Contact Details
WWHS Biotech.Inc(exclusive marketed by Dawin)

Contact Person: Mr. Richard

Tel: 86-13823276027

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Address: Rm 505, 1st Building, Shenzhen Biomedicine Innovation Industrial Park, No. 14th, Jinhui Road, East Jinxiu Road, Kengzi Street, Pingshan District, Shenzhen

Factory Address:Rm 505, 1st Building, Shenzhen Biomedicine Innovation Industrial Park, No. 14th, Jinhui Road, East Jinxiu Road, Kengzi Street, Pingshan District, Shenzhen