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Estradiol (E2) Rapid Quantitative Test (Fluorescence Immunoassay) By Wwhs

Estradiol (E2) Rapid Quantitative Test (Fluorescence Immunoassay) By Wwhs

Estradiol Rapid Quantitative Test kit

E2 Rapid Quantitative Test kit

15mins estradiol test kit

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Product Details
Response Time:
Fertility Function Test
Room Temperature
High Detection Speed
Application In:
WWHS NIR-1000 Dry Fluoroimmunoassay Analyser
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
US 2.50 Kit
Packaging Details
Paper Box
Delivery Time
Two weeks
Supply Ability
5000 Kits per Week
Product Description

Estradiol (E2) Rapid Quantitative Test (Fluorescence Immunoassay)

Ⅰ.Intended use of the product

   Estradiol (E2) Rapid Quantitative Test kit is used for quantitative determination of estradiol in human whole blood, plasma and serum.

   The increase of estradiol was found in multiple pregnancy, ovarian cancer, systemic lupus erythematosus and so on. In men, if there is feminization syndrome, breast feminization and testicular cancer, estradiol will also increase. The decrease of estradiol can be seen in pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome, ovarian cyst, hydatidiform mole, pituitary ovarian infertility and so on.


Ⅱ.Principle of product Testing

Estradiol (E2) Rapid Quantitative Test kit adopts the principle of competitive method. Take the sample to be tested, add it into the sample diluent and mix it evenly. Add the mixed sample into the sample adding hole. E2 in the sample combines with the fluorescent labeled antibody on the binding pad to form a complex. Under the action of chromatography, the complex moves forward along the nitrocellulose membrane, and the fluorescent labeled antibody that does not bind to the Estradiol (E2) Rapid Quantitative Test line is captured by E2-BSA coated on the nitrocellulose membrane detection line. The more E2 in the sample, the fewer complexes gathered on the detection line, and the signal of fluorescent antibody is inversely proportional to the number of objects to be tested in the sample. The quantitative detection results were obtained by NIR-1000 dry fluoroimmunoassay analyser.


Ⅲ.Components of a product

Name Quantity Component
Test cards 25/40 It is composed of fluorescent pad (coated with fluorescent labeled E2-BSA and fluorescent labeled biotin), nitrocellulose membrane (coated with goat anti mouse IgG antibody and GSA), absorbent paper and backing.
E2 antibody lyophilized powder 25/40 Mouse anti E2 antibody (lyophilized)
Sample diluent 25/40 Phosphate buffer
ID card 1 With specific stand curve file


Ⅳ.Test procedure

1. Before the test, please read the instructions completely. If the Estradiol (E2) Rapid Quantitative Test card and sample are stored in cold storage, they should be balanced at room temperature (15-30)℃ for not less than 30min before use.

2. Start dry fluoroimmunoassay analyser and correctly select the corresponding sample type on the instrument.

3. Take out the ID card, make sure that the batch number of the ID card is consistent with that of the test card, and insert the ID card into the ID card port of the instrument.

4. Take out the test card from the aluminum foil bag and use it within 15 minutes.

5. Place the test card on a clean horizontal table and mark it horizontally.

6. Add 90µL sample diluent to the tube containing fluorescent lyophilized powder. One tube is used by one test.

7. Add 30 µL sample to the tube, mix the solution thoroughly and keep incubation for 5 minutes.

8. Apply 100 µL incubated sample to the well of the test card.

9. At 15 minutes after addition of incubated sample, insert the test card into dry fluorescent immunoanalyzer, read and record the results then dispose of used test appropriately.


Ⅴ.Reference interval

Gender Phase Age

2.5th percentile


97.5th percentile


Male / 18-70 <9.0 85
Female Follicular phase 18-45 12 262
Ovulatory phase 18-45 40 396
Luteal phase 18-45 21 381
Menopause 46-70 <9.0 190
Early pregnancy 22-42 145 2988
Second trimester 21-38 1502 >3000


Ⅵ. E2.pdf

Estradiol (E2) Rapid Quantitative Test (Fluorescence Immunoassay) By Wwhs 0

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