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NSE Real Time PCR Kits High Accuracy One Step FIA Rapid Quantitative Test Kit

NSE Real Time PCR Kits High Accuracy One Step FIA Rapid Quantitative Test Kit

NSE Real Time PCR Kits

High Accuracy Real Time PCR Kits

NSE Rapid PCR Test Kit

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Product Details
Product Name:
NES Rapid Test Kit
Room Temperature
Sample Buffer:
20 Vials
One Step Assay
High Sensitivity
Formal Name:
Neuron Specific Enolase
High Stability, High Accuracy
Annual Capacity:
2 Million A Year
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
US 1.50-2.99 Kit
Packaging Details
Colorful Paper Box
Delivery Time
7 Days
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Supply Ability
20000 Kits per Week
Product Description

NSE Real Time PCR WWHS FIA Rapid Quantitative Test Kit 20T POCT Assay
Neuron specific enolase (NSE) which can also be called gamma-enolase (ENO-2) or 2-phospho-D-glycerate hydrolase, is an isoenzyme belonging to the enolase family that consists up of α, β and γ subunits either has a homo or heterodimer. NSE is a 78 kD gamma-homodimer and the majority of this enolase-isoenzyme can be found in neuroendocrine and neuronal tissues. It is essentially a glycolytic enzyme that is able to catalyse the conversion of 2-phosphoglycerate into phosphoenolpyruvate. The biological half-life of neuron specific enolase in body fluids is about 24 hours and due to the organ-specificity and concentrations of NSE in serum or cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), elevated levels have been identified in diseases which result in relative rapid neuronal destruction.
Tumor marker in tumors of neuroectodermic or neuroendocrine origin
Evaluation of prognosis in small-cell lung cancer and follow-up of cytotoxic treatment
Differential diagnosis between Wilms tumor and neuroblastoma in presence of abdominal mass syndrome
Prognostic factor in neuroblastoma
Surveillance of neuroblastoma

About NIR-1000 Dry Fluoroimmunoassay Analyser
It is a fluorescence immunochromatographic analysing system with internal temperature control,
which can help diagnose conditions such as infection, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, renal injury and cancers, etc.
Immunofluorescence technology
Testing time less than 15 minutes
Easy-to-use touch-screen platform,multi-language system
Reagents stored at room temperature for 12 months

1. Accurate: Double antibody sandwich method, high sensitivity.
2. Rapid: Get results in 15 minutes.
3. Convenient: No need professional training, test could be performed at any time, any place.
NSE Real Time PCR Kits High Accuracy One Step FIA Rapid Quantitative Test Kit 0NSE Real Time PCR Kits High Accuracy One Step FIA Rapid Quantitative Test Kit 1

WWHS Assay list  Tumor Marker        
cat#. Product Item Specimen Reaction Time Measure Range Clinical Range Intended Use
20 AFP Serum/Plasma 15min. 2.5-200ng/ml <20ng/ml pregnancy cancer
21 CEA Serum/Plasma 15min. 1-200ng/ml <5ng/ml colon cancer, colorectal cancer,etc.
22 NSE Serum/Plasma 15min. 1-400ng/ml <16ng/ml non-small cell lung cancer
23 FOB fecal specimens 10min. 50-1000ng/ml <100ng/ml Abnormal recessive gastrointestinal bleeding
24 PG II Serum/Plasma 15min. 1-100ug/L PGI/PGII>3.0 gastric abnormalities
25 PG I Serum/Plasma 15min. 2.5-200ug/L >70ng/ml gastric abnormalities
26 TPSA Serum/Plasma 15min. 0.5-40ng/ml <4ng/ml prostate cancer
27 FPSA Serum/Plasma 15min. 0.1-10ng/ml <1ng/ml prostate cancer
28 CA12-5 Serum/Plasma 15min. 20-500U/ml <35U/ml ovarian cancer
29 CA15-3 Serum/Plasma 15min. 10-400U/ml < 25 U/mL breast cancer
30 HE4 Serum/Plasma 15min. 50-2000pmol/L <140 pmol/L ovarian cancer
31 CA19-9 Serum/Plasma 15min. 10-400U/ml < 27 U/mL pancreatic cancer
32 β-HCG Serum/Plasma 15min. 5-400mIU/ml <10 mIU/mL Early pregrancy, ectopic HCG cancer,incomplete abortion
33 CK19(Cyfra21-1) Serum/Plasma 15min. 0.5-50ng/ml <2.5ng/ml non-small cell lung cancer

Interpretation of Test Results
1. The kit can be used for auxiliary test only. If test result is abnormal, retest timely and judge combined with clinical symptoms.
2. For samples whose cTnI concentration is lower than 0.1ng/mL and higher than 40ng/mL, test result is “<0.1ng/mL” and “>40ng/mL” respectively.

1) The test card can be used only once at room temperature, do not reuse or use test card out of expiry date.
2) Return all reagents and sample into room temperature before use.
3) Be careful when prepare sample, wear glove and mask.
4) The whole blood need add anticoagulants, not frozen; serum sample can store in frozen, avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
5) This product is only for in vitro rapid diagnostic human use, can be quantified, not only qualitative testing.

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