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High Sensitive Medical Test Kits For D-Dimer Rapid Quantitative Test In Whole Blood Plasma And Serum

High Sensitive Medical Test Kits For D-Dimer Rapid Quantitative Test In Whole Blood Plasma And Serum

D-Dimer Rapid Quantitative Testing Kit

High Sensitivity Rapid Quantitative Test Kit

CE Approved Rapid Quantitative Test Kit

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Product Details
Supply Ability:
10 Million A Year
Product Name:
D-Dimer Rapid Quantitative Test Kit
One Step Assay
Formal Name:
D-Dimer Rapid Quantitative Rapid Test
3000 Tests/Day
At Room Temperature
High Sensitivity
High Accuracy
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
US 1.50 - 2.50 Kit
Packaging Details
Colorful Paper Box
Delivery Time
7 Days
Payment Terms
Product Description

【Product name】D-Dimer.pdf
D-Dimer Rapid Quantitative Test(Fluorescence immunoassay)
1, Room temperature store and transport, shelf life 12 months.
2,After dissolved, should store at -20℃, shelf life 1 month.
3,Each unit for 10 tests.
【Inspection principle】
The principle of immunofluorescence chromatography was applied to the kit. The D-dimer antigen in the sample was first bound with the conjugated compound of fluorescent labeled D-dimer monoclonal antibody, then moved and combined with another D-dimer monoclonal antibody fixed on the nitrocellulose membrane, and the double antibody sandwich complex was formed at the detection line of the cellulose nitrate membrane. The quantitative detection results were obtained by NIR-1000 dry fluoroimmunoassay analyser.
【Storage conditions and validity】
The test card should be stored at 4℃~30℃, dry, dark and no freezing. It should be stored in sealed aluminum foil bag and valid for 12 months. The test card should be returned to room temperature (15℃~30℃) before opening. It should be used within 15 minutes after unsealing under the environment of 15℃~30℃ and 20% ~ 90% relative humidity.
The production date, batch number and expiration date are shown in the outer package of the product.

【Sample requirements】

  1. The sample types of this product are EDTA·K2 anticoagulant plasma, EDTA·Na2 anticoagulant plasma, sodium citrate (anticoagulant tube with the ratio of sodium citrate volume to blood collection volume of 1:9), EDTA·K2 anticoagulant whole blood, EDTA·Na2 anticoagulant whole blood and sodium citrate (anticoagulant tube with the ratio of sodium citrate volume to blood collection volume of 1:9).
  2. Venous blood was collected according to routine laboratory methods to avoid hemolysis.
  3. After clinical samples were collected, the detection was completed within 4 hours at room temperature (15℃~30℃). The whole blood sample can be stored for 24 hours at 2℃~8℃; Plasma samples can be stored at 2℃ to 8℃ for 7 days; The plasma sample was at - 20℃. It can be stored for 30 days at room temperature.
  4. Before testing, the sample must return to room temperature (15℃~30℃). The frozen samples should be completely thawed, rewarming and mixed evenly before use, and repeated freezing and thawing should be avoided.


  1. Before the test, please read the instructions completely. If the test card and sample are stored in cold storage, they should be balanced at room temperature (15-30)℃ for not less than 30min before use.
  2. Start NIR-1000 dry fluoroimmunoassay analyser according to the instruction manual of the instrument, and carry out quality control verification according to the instruction manual of the instrument(Note: the reagent has been calibrated in advance, and the calibration curve parameters of each batch of reagent have been stored in the information card. The information card is inserted before use, so it is not necessary to calibrate again, and the test can be carried out only after the quality control is passed; Otherwise, the cause should be found out before testing.)
  3. Remove the test card from the aluminum foil bag and use it within 15 minutes.
  4. Place the test card on a clean horizontal table and mark it horizontally.
  5. Mix 10 µL of patient sample with 300µL of sample diluent. Apply 100 µL of diluted samples to the well of the test card.
  6. Insert the test card into NIR-1000 dry fluoroimmunoassay analyser, press the [timing detection] key, automatically time for 10 minutes, automatically judge the test results, and display the quantitative results on the screen. Or insert the test card into the analyzer after timing for 10 minutes, and press the [real time detection] key, and the instrument will automatically interpret the test results.

【Reference interval】

By measuring 268 healthy people aged between 19 and 79, statistical analysis shows that the reference interval is less than 500 ng/ml. According to the characteristics of the local population, the reference intervals of the laboratories were established.
【Interpretation of results】

  1. This reagent is only used for auxiliary detection. If the test results are abnormal, it should be reviewed in time and judged in combination with clinical symptoms.
  2. For samples with D-dimer concentration lower than 40ng/ml and higher than 10000ng/ml, the detection results are reported as "< 40ng/ml" and "> 10000ng /ml", respectively.

【Limitations of methods】

  1. This kit is only used to detect human plasma/whole blood samples
  2. Due to the limitations of immunoassay methods of antigen and antibody reaction, the results cannot be used as the only basis for clinical diagnosis, but should be evaluated with all the existing clinical and experimental data.
  3. The content of triglyceride in the sample shall not exceed 15mg/ml, the content of hemoglobin shall not exceed 5mg/ml, and the content of bilirubin shall not exceed 0.5mg/ml, and the relative deviation of the test results shall not exceed ±15%.
  4. When the concentration of D-dimer in the sample is less than 20000ng/ml, there is no hook effect.
  5. HAMA effect was not produced when the concentration of human anti rat in the sample was less than 50ng/ml.
  6. When RF concentration in the sample is less than 2000IU/ml, the relative deviation of the test results is within ±15%.

1. This kit is only used for in vitro diagnosis.
2. The test card and sample diluent are disposable and cannot be reused.
3. Please check the integrity and validity of the kit package before use, and then open the package. When it is stored at low temperature, it should be restored to room temperature (15℃~30℃) before opening the package for use. The reagents with damaged inner package and beyond the validity period cannot be used.
4. The requirements of specimen collection and storage should be strictly observed. If the specimen is turbid, it should be centrifuged and discarded before use.
5. The used kits should be treated as potential infectious substances, and all samples, reagents and potential pollutants should be disinfected and treated according to the relevant local regulations.

Assay list     
cat#.Product itemSpecimenReaction TimeMeasure RangeClinical RangeItended Use
1cTnIWB/Serum/Plasma12min.0.1-40ng/ml<0.3ng/mlseveral heart diseases including myocardial infarction and heart failure.
2MyoWB/Serum/Plasma12min.5-400ng/ml<58ng/mlacute myocardial infarction (AMI) in early stage.
3CK-MBWB/Serum/Plasma12min.1-200ng/ml<5ng/mlacute myocardial infarction (AMI) in early stage.
4NT-proBNPWB/Serum/Plasma10min.20-35000pg/mlUnder 75:0~347pg/mL,
Over 75:0~449pg/mL
heart failure .
5D-DimerWB/Plasma10min.40-10000ng/ml<500ng/mldisseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC),deep vein thrombosis (DVT),pulmonary embolism (PE), myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, etc.
6cTnI+Myo+CKMBWB/Serum/Plasma12min.same with single itemsame with single itemTriple marker of myocardial infarction.
7ST2WB/Serum/Plasma10min.10-400ng/ml<35ng/mlheart failure .
8Lp-PLA2WB/Serum/Plasma10min.10-900ng/ml<175ng/mlRisk evaluation of ACS and atherosclerotic ischemic stroke patients.
9S100-βWB/Serum/Plasma10min.0.05-10ng/ml<0.2ng/mlCerebral infarction, cerebral injury.

High Sensitive Medical Test Kits For D-Dimer Rapid Quantitative Test In Whole Blood Plasma And Serum 0

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